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Super Monkey Ball 2

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Super Monkey Ball 2 continues its predecessor's core Marble Madness-esque gameplay.[1][2] The player controls a monkey running in a ball with the joystick through maze-like stages with obstacles to dodge, which have to be completed under a time limit without the monkey falling off platform ledges.[1][2] As the game progresses, there are more paths that loop, spin, and corkscrew, and levels that move horizontally, vertically, and 360-degrees.[2] The sequel has a more spiked difficulty curve as a result of new design choices. Looped paths occasionally have obstacles and cockscrewed paths within them and some rotating stages have pillars popping out of holes.[2] Another addition is switches scattered throughout that fast-forward, rewind, play and stop platforms while rolled over onto them, making the sequel more focused on strategy and puzzle-solving.[2][3]

Monkey Race allows players to race up to eight computer opponents, larger than the previous game's three, and has new weapons such as the Hunter Missile which shoots several rockets at a time.[3] Having only three arenas, Monkey Fight introduces crumbling fighting rings, the ability to charge a fight, and a sudden death mode.[2][3] Monkey Billiards has Japanese 9 ball and Rotation as new gameplay modes, as well as a few more camera angle options.[3]

Monkey Bowling contains a Special Mode in addition to the typical game present in the first. It has ten lanes that feature non-linear paths, such as zig-zag and concave, and moving parts.[2][3] The monkeys also differ in attributes, such as GonGon being the best with speed and Baby better at maneuverability.[3] Like the first game's mode, Monkey Target has the player controlling a gliding monkey to land on a target while avoiding falling into the water.[3] However, it differs in how items are collected; instead of receiving them from bananas, which are now only points, they are now in the middle of the air to be collected on the monkey's trajectory.[3] Formation flying, where the direction of up to five monkeys can be controlled simultaneously, and a split-screen feature of up to four players are additions.[2][3]

Super Monkey Ball 2 was released to generally favorable reviews from critics. Metacritic gave the video game a Metascore of 87, based on 34 reviews.[16] IGN's Matt Casamassina praised the game for its core gameplay concepts, stating that it was "just as simple as the original, and also just as addictive... But where it's an entertaining single-player experience, it's a superb multiplayer one. All of the revamped mini-games are fantastic... this is one of the best multiplayer games for GCN, without a doubt and hands down."[2]

The plot and cutscenes in the Story Mode were described as suitable to the exuberant nature of the overall experience, if "simple and at times ridiculous, weird and borderline disturbing".[2] Orlando dismissed the story as having confusing concepts, such as the monkeys conjuring magical spells and GonGon chanting "Ei Ei Poo."[3] However, he praised the Story Mode's inclusion as allowing less experienced players to enjoy a majority of the stages where they could not in the challenge mode.[3]

Casamassina highlighted the limitless possibilities of play additions to the returning party mini-games provided. He reported a huge amount of depth in Monkey Bowling alone, to the point where it could have been its own game.[2] He also praised the new mini-games, although argued they were not "as well conceived."[2] Tennis was his most favorite of them for its combination of elements from Mario Tennis (2000) and Virtua Tennis, and the potential long replay value from the two-versus-two mode.[2] Less favorably, he found Monkey Bassball too basic to be enjoyable for lengthy sessions, disliked Monkey Soccer's controls, and noted high difficulty in playing the otherwise fun Monkey Target and Monkey Boat Race.[2] Orlando positively found Super Monkey Ball 2's Monkey Race more competitive than the first game's, coming from the higher number of opponents and less complicated tracks. He also enjoyed the formation flying and addition of a multiplayer mode in Monkey Target, as well as the Special Mode in Monkey Bowling for adding replay value.[3] He also enjoyed Monkey Golf, although was confused by the wind and power shot statistics.[3] Monkey Boad Race was noted by Orlando and Casamassina for its learning curve when it came to paddling the boat, which they wrote was rewarding.[2][3]

Critics praised the use of animated assets in the backgrounds, such as volcanos, lava flows, clock gears, and space stations, solving the first game's issues of drab, empty environments.[1][3] They also appreciated the use of particle and lighting effects, such as sparks when a ball hits the ground and Volcanic Magma's flying embers.[1][3]

Dr. Bad-Boon hides out in a sunken ship, and when he makes his escape, AiAi catches him and the monkeys chase after him. However, Bad-Boon's air is running out, and AiAi thinks he's defeated him, but then a whale comes, but it's too late for any of them to run, and all four of the monkeys are swallowed and trapped inside a whale. The four monkeys are run into the whale, trying to get it to move, but eventually the whale blows them all out through its blowhole. Here, Dr. Bad-Boon makes an escape to his hideout in Kee-Kee Island, which is where the team goes to find his hideout.

Dr. Bad-Boon's next plan is to make robot monkeys that look exactly like AiAi and have them steal the bananas around the world, so everyone will blame him for the crime. When the Super Monkey Ball team arrives at Bad-Boon's lair to try and stop him, Bad-Boon is one step ahead of them- he has a shrink ray, and uses it on the four monkeys. Later, Dr. Bad-Boon is fixing something to eat, and MeeMee is so furious at his attempts to convince her to marry him she goes up his nose, causing him to sneeze and lose all of his little monkeys.

Later, as Dr. Bad-Boon is desperately finding the four monkeys, he assumes he must be stinky and MeeMee finds him repulsive that way, so he takes a bath. Meanwhile, AiAi and the others find Bad-Boon's clothes lying around, and when Bad-Boon puts them back on, they decide to tickle him, only stopping if Bad-Boon turns them back to normal size. He gives in, but then makes a run to his tower, where the AiAi robots are being produced. Once the team makes it to the clock tower, AiAi is horrified at what Bad-Boon is doing, and with the help of his friends, destroys all of the robots. Dr. Bad-Boon flees to his rocket ship, where the real plan is at work.

Players can purchase up to 99 monkeys for 500 Play Points each. These monkey lives can be used when playing Challenge Mode. When choosing the setting, depending on how may unlocked, the player can choose how many monkeys they want to start out with. This feature is useful when a player is trying to unlock the Master difficulty mode by completing Expert mode and its extra levels without using a continue.

Gameplay Super Monkey Ball 2, like its predecessor, enjoys a simple premise, which is to roll monkeys encased in glass balls through large, maze-like, and wholly interactive levels. The control functions have remained totally unchanged from the original game, which in our opinion is a good thing. The GameCube's analog stick steers the monkeys, and that's all there is to it. The trick is in making sure the characters don't fall off the platform ledges, or that each stage's countdown timer doesn't run out, before gamers can successfully make it through a goal located on each level. It's all very intuitive.

The levels themselves are one thing, but what about the new additions There are plenty to list. First, Sega has included a Story Mode in the single-player game. It's simple and at times ridiculous, weird and borderline disturbing, but it fits with the over-the-top style of the game. In it, a tyrannical monkey scientist named Dr. Bad Boon, desperately seeking friends, has kidnapped the bananas of the peaceful monkeys and so they go on a quest to retrieve them. The levels in the game are then explained as booby-trapped challenges that Bad Boon has setup for the monkeys. It's not deep or thrilling, but it is cute enough and the occasional in-engine cut-scene tells the story as players advance.

Sound The audio portions of Super Monkey Ball 2 are its greatest weakness, so far as we're concerned. The title delivers adequate sound effects, sometimes even cute, for monkey bounces, calls, cries, and shouts of joy during match wins. But the music is out of date, to say the least. The mixture of old riffs and outrageous beats is more usually, but not always more annoying than it is pleasing. We often play our games loud with no complaints from other editors, but every time we leave SMB2 on we're always told by several of them to close our door or shut it off immediately.

This texture is found with files relating to the 'commend' scene - where all the monkey participants in a party game stand on a ranking podium in accordance to the position they achieved during the game. The purpose of this texture is unknown - it likely was a placeholder. The text is apparently in English, and is quite difficult to read.

The object of Super Monkey Ball 2 is to guide a monkey trapped inside a plastic ball through a maze to the goal. There are three variations, story mode, challenge mode, and practice mode. In story mode you have unlimited number of tries to complete a stage, and after clearing 10 stages a movie clip is shown followed by a new world of 10 stages. In challenge mode, you have a limited number of monkeys and a time limit to complete numerous levels of increasing difficulty. In practice mode you can play any stage already completed in the other two modes. In addition to the main game options, numerous party games are also included. These are monkey race, monkey fight, monkey target, monkey billiards, monkey bowling, monkey golf, monkey boat, monkey shot, monkey dogfight, monkey soccer, monkey baseball, and monkey tennis. The party games can be played by one to four players. 59ce067264


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