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LINE Manga ! (iPhone, Android)

  • Key Titles Available:Attack on Titan

  • Scarecrow

  • The Reversal

  • Spirit Catcher

  • Generation Wu

Install: Android and iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)9. MangaToonShould you wish to read colorful comics, I would recommend you to give a shot to MangaToon. Both in terms of having a big library and a wide range of genres including comedy, love, horror, romance, and action, this manga app looks right on the money to me. Just like most of its counterparts, it also adds the hottest web comics daily. And based on your taste, you can make a nice collection of your favorite books and even download the ones which you want to read without any interruption during offline.Have an interesting story to share with others? Well, you can also write your own stories that you have kept under wraps for years and share them with others. The platform can give the needed exposure to your stories so that they can bring a lot of praise to you. Furthermore, MangaToon has support for several languages including English, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese and Thai, which is yet another plus from the flexibility perspective.Key Features:

LINE Manga ! (iPhone, Android)

  • Key Titles Available:Martial Peak

  • Apotheosis

  • God of Martial Arts

  • Yuan Zun

  • The Strongest God King

  • The Mythical Realm

Install: Android and iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)11. Manga ReaderClaiming to be the ultimate manga app for both iOS and Android, Manga Reader has got all sorts of tricks to win you over. First and foremost, the app offers you access to thousands of mangas from more than 30 sources which makes it a one-stop-platform. With a smart filter, it lets you quickly find specific comic books.As it also keeps a close watch on the search history and what appeals to your interest, you should expect your recommendations to be spot on. What has called for my attention is the ability to download up to 5 mangas simultaneously. Save it for the times where you are in a hurry to put all of your favorites in a special kitty for uninterrupted offline reading.Key Features:

  • Install: Android and iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)14. Online Manga ReaderLast but not least, Online Manga Reader has checked off all the essential boxes to be a reliable manga app. The app comes with an ever-updating catalog to let you read a wide range of Japanese comics like comedy, romance, horror, and more. But what makes it a fun-loving manga reader is the ability to let users read comics with music.Perfect for the times where you want to keep the monotonous feeling at bay. That aside, features like bookmark, offline reading, and creating a personalized collection of all the favorite books make it a safe bet for your mangas reading journey.Key Features:Continuously updated catalog

  • Read comics with music

  • Offline reading

Key Titles Available:

Yes, I scrapped the idea of going into the store to find new comics of my interest and switched to downloading the best manga reading app. If all those intriguing storylines also appeal to your interest, here is the list of the 13 best manga reader app for Android and iOS devices. Have a look.


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