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Tourist Trap PATCHED

You will have to unequip almost everything several times during this quest, so it is a good idea to leave enough room in your inventory for all weapons and armour, as well as additional quest items. If you make a mistake at certain parts in the quest, you will be trapped and need to have at least 15 free inventory spaces to leave, unless you teleport out and would have to run all the way back.

Tourist Trap

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Woody has found a gas station but it appears deserted. He enters the back room but becomes trapped. Various mannequins appear in the room, and multiple objects fly at him until a metal pipe impales and kills him.

The others find a tourist trap and conclude Woody is there. As they drive in, their vehicle mysteriously breaks down. Jerry tries to fix his jeep and the girls go skinny dipping in a nearby oasis. As they swim, Mr. Slausen - the owner of said tourist trap - appears holding a shotgun. Though outwardly polite he also seems embittered by the decline of his tourist trap since the highway was moved away. The nude girls feel awkward in the water as he chats and they apologize for trespassing.

Slausen offers to help Jerry with the jeep, but insists the group go to his house with him to get his tools. There, they see the tourist trap: animated waxworks figures, including armed bandits. Eileen is curious about a nearby house, but Slausen insists that the women should stay inside the museum. Slausen takes Jerry to fix the jeep, leaving the women. Eileen leaves to find a phone in the other house. There she finds several mannequins inside the house. Someone calls her name, and a stranger wearing a grotesque mask suddenly appears behind her. Various items in the room move of their own accord and the scarf Eileen is wearing tightens and strangles her to death.

Slausen returns to Molly and Becky saying that Jerry drove his truck into town. When told that Eileen left, he goes to the house and finds Eileen has been turned into a mannequin. He returns and tells Molly and Becky he did not find Eileen and will leave again to continue the search. The women are frustrated, and later leave the museum to search for Eileen. Becky enters the nearby house and finds a mannequin resembling Eileen. Becky is attacked by the masked killer and then by multiple mannequins. She later wakes up tied up in the basement along with Jerry. Jerry says the killer is Slausen's brother. Also held captive is Tina, who is strapped to a table. She is killed when the masked man covers her face with plaster, causing her to suffocate. Jerry frees himself and attacks the killer, but is soon overpowered. Jerry tries to reach for a key but the killer telekinetically moves it from his reach.

A tourist trap is defined as an establishment or grouping of establishments that have either been created with the primary purpose of attracting tourists and their money or have been re-purposed from what it was originally for the purpose of attracting tourists and their money. Tourist traps focus on providing entertainment, services, food, souvenirs, and similar products specifically for tourists to purchase.

Encourage safer environmentsFor any place to attract tourists, it must first show itself as a safe environment. No one will keep promoting a travel destination for families with high risks of crime or injury by other means.

When you hear Florida combined with tourist trap, you instantly think Disney World, Busch Gardens, Sea World, NASA, the Everglades or the beaches. The place that took #1 is in fact The Coral Castle Museum.

The setup for Tourist Trap is more-or-less exactly what the title suggests: A group of friends are on the road when their car breaks down, they find a strange tourist trap, and terror ensues. In this case, the tourist trap is Slausen's Lost Oasis, a rundown wax museum run by Slausen (Chuck Connors), an odd but seemingly benevolent man who's frustrated that the freeway has taken all of his business. All the friends get lured in one way or another, a killer starts picking them off, and...well, you know this formula.

You see, this tourist trap isn't just a place where wayward youths are lured to their deaths, nor is it just a place where bodies might get made into wax figures. The killer at the heart of the story -- often seen sporting a truly creepy mannequin mask complete with ventriloquist dummy slits that allow the jaw to move -- isn't just a man with a weapon. He's got a strange blend of hands-on interest, a terrifying voice, and somehow, telekinesis. That's right, there's even a little bit of Carrie in this film, as the killer uses not just his own hands, but everything from flying furniture to moving mannequins to capture and kill his victims. 041b061a72


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