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Ryan Baker

Bad Girls Dormitory LINK

Bad Girls Dormitory is an action game set in a girls dormitory. You play as a guy who wants to get all the girls in the dorm in your bed. You collect keys to get into the dorm and items to shoot enemies. This game has eight levels: streets, corridors, bedrooms and rooms. There are eight enemies: janitors, sinister grannies and dorm superintendents.

Bad Girls Dormitory


Invading the girls' dormitory, taking off their clothes and swinging underwear around... all these acts by male students violated the significance of this welcome activity, and posed a security risk as the excited students could easily engage in excessive misconduct. It also seriously affected or offended who are those against this form of revelry.

No objection should be made to young people having fun but there is a limit to how far they should go; and they should respect others. The water splashing activities themselves have nothing to do with sexual harassment, but that does not mean it wasn't abused in such a way. During the whole incident, some girls' reluctance to participate should have been respected but they were not.

Most of the juveniles in the reformatory had been convicted of theft and robbery, but there were some who had been convicted of more serious crimes like murder, rape, wounding, and arson. Juveniles were housed according to their crimes in 10 separate dormitories. Girls were housed in their own dormitory. 041b061a72


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