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Ironcad 2013 64bit Crack

IronCAD 2013 64bit: A Powerful and Flexible Design Solution

Are you looking for a design software that can handle complex and diverse projects with ease and efficiency? Do you want to unleash your creativity and productivity without being constrained by traditional parametric systems? If so, you should consider IronCAD 2013 64bit, the latest version of the revolutionary IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite (DCS).

IronCAD DCS is a complete range of products that include IRONCAD, INOVATE, IRONCAD DRAFT, and IRONCAD COMPOSE. This integrated suite provides real collaboration between 2D and 3D, enabling users to communicate design data seamlessly throughout their design process within their organization and beyond.

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What's New in IronCAD 2013 64bit?

The 2013 release of IronCAD DCS focuses on improving the existing capabilities to streamline the process, which increases the overall productivity for designers and engineers. Some of the new features and enhancements are:

  • A new user interface that is more intuitive, customizable, and modern.

  • A new SmartAssembly technology that allows users to create intelligent assembly features that can be reused and modified easily.

  • A new SmartSnap technology that enables users to snap to any geometry in the scene, regardless of the modeling kernel.

  • A new SmartDesign technology that simplifies the creation of complex shapes and patterns using parametric features.

  • A new SmartPaint technology that allows users to apply materials, colors, and textures to any part or assembly with a simple drag and drop.

  • A new SmartUpdate technology that automatically updates the design data across different applications and formats.

  • A new SmartConvert technology that enables users to import and export native file formats from other CAD systems, such as CATIA, Pro/E, SolidWorks, Inventor, and more .

  • A new SmartRender technology that provides high-quality rendering and animation capabilities within the IronCAD environment.

  • A new SmartCollaborate technology that allows users to share and review their designs online using IRONCAD COMPOSE, a free viewer and configurator application .

Why Choose IronCAD 2013 64bit?

IronCAD 2013 64bit is not just another CAD software. It is a design solution that offers a level of design freedom that is unmatched in the industry today. It is the tool of choice for design engineers when deadlines are tight and a high degree of unanticipated change is expected. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose IronCAD 2013 64bit:

  • It supports both ACIS and Parasolid kernels, giving you the best of both worlds in terms of accuracy and compatibility .

  • It uses a drag and drop 3D environment that allows you to create and modify your designs intuitively and efficiently.

  • It does not rely on a history-based parametric system, which means you can make changes to your design at any stage without worrying about breaking constraints or dependencies.

  • It supports multiple modeling methods, such as direct modeling, feature-based modeling, surface modeling, sheet metal modeling, assembly modeling, and more.

  • It integrates seamlessly with other applications in the IronCAD DCS suite, such as INOVATE for concept design, IRONCAD DRAFT for 2D detailing, and IRONCAD COMPOSE for collaboration .

  • It offers a flexible licensing model that allows you to choose between perpetual or subscription licenses, standalone or network licenses, hardware or software licenses, and more.

How to Get Started with IronCAD 2013 64bit?

If you are interested in trying out IronCAD 2013 64bit, you can download a free trial version from their official website. The trial version is fully functional for 30 days and allows you to access all the features and capabilities of IronCAD DCS. You can also register for a free online training session or request a live demo from an IronCAD representative. To download the trial version or learn more about IronCAD 2013 64bit, visit their website today.


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