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What Happens If You Delete Everyone But Monika

If Monika's character file is deleted before starting a new game in Act 1, Sayori appears to realize that she is trapped in a game, becomes visibly upset and eventually yells "PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!". She will then force the game to close and delete the other character files, including herself. If the player opens the game after this occurs, instead of the usual opening and main menu, a black "END" screen appears followed by a gray scaled screen of Sayori hanging herself. After 10 minutes pass, a message written in Sayori's handwriting appears on screen: "Now everyone can be happy."

what happens if you delete everyone but monika


Wiz: Monika may be powerful but not invincible, she can be deleted from the game if The Player can toggle with the files in order to delete her but she overcame this weakness by living outside the game and can still destroy everyone within the game, including The Player.

The other outcome is deleting Monika before opening the game. It is optional to delete everyone else too, but it will have the same outcome as deleting just Monika. The game will not go to the title screen. Instead, it will just go straight to the END screen.

Many and my good friends believed she is their favorite villain, and I can defiantly see why. She is truly tragic as she was truly happy with what is going on. But after finding out that she is a game character who is not real, it went to the point that it was too much for her to handle since this was the main reason why she did those horrible acts to the characters and everyone in the game. She proved herself to be a brilliant villain as she executed all of her plans flawlessly without us knowing she was causing everything until the very end from making Sayori hang herself and Yuri becoming a yandere witch leads to her killing herself, and hacking our computer for Natsuki to be erased succeeding all of her goals until we deleted her. If she hasn't had her file in our computer or even us figuring out we can delete her, she easily would have won by now with only us and her in the entire game.

I didn't delete Monika to see what happens, and it froze me to a screen where Monika has a distorted face and holding a dark knife. I don't know if they fixed it yet because it was a bug? I didn't know, I'm gonna check if that happens again.

When the user now tries to delete such disabled image they will always succeed. Independent if the image is acutally in use or not. The deletion only happens on the Database of glance. The image is still present in ceph.


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