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Where Can I Buy A Safety Vest

Branding extends to every aspect of your business - be innovative, bold, and daring with a Custom Safety Vest from Construction Gear. We make it easy to customize safety vests with your name, company name, or logo screen printed directly onto the vest. There is a minimum of 12 custom safety vests per order + no set-up fee for orders of 20 pieces or more. For orders under 20 pieces, a $35.00 set-up fee will be applied per logo, per location. Please call us for a customized quote at 1-877-411-0035 or e-mail our knowledgeable staff is standing by ready to assist you!

where can i buy a safety vest

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MCR Safety has forty-seven years of experience as a leader in the field of personal protective equipment (PPE). Our assortment of offerings includes gloves, glasses, and garments that are made from the highest quality materials available to ensure maximum safety, comfort, and style.

G & F industrial safety vest with reflective strips meets all ANSI/ISEA safety standards, One size fits all, silver reflective stripes and elastic sides. It has a Velcro closures. It is made of solid light weight material that is breathable.

Women's safety jackets are a game-changer in the world of safety apparel and PPE! While traditional safety jackets have been designed for unisex use, they do not account for the differences in body shapes and sizes between men and women....

Are you looking for the best safety vest for your activity? Learn what to consider before you buy to get the most out of your purchase. Safety vests are essential for staying safe and visible from construction workers to hunters.

Since safety vests are an essential component of personal protective equipment (PPE), it is essential to ensure that the vests you choose are of high quality, fit you properly, and meet the ANSI/ISEA 107-2020 safety standards.

These vests come in fluorescent yellow-green, orange, and red-orange to ensure maximum visibility. They are also equipped with 775 square inches of retroreflective material to ensure they can be easily seen in any lighting conditions.

These vests are highly visible in low light, with a fluorescent yellow or orange background and at least 155 square inches of reflective strips. They are lightweight, sleeveless, and offer protection from contact with stationary objects.

Additionally, they provide insulation from the elements. These vests are perfect for parking lot attendants, mineworkers, refinery workers, warehouse workers, and anyone else retrieving shopping carts in parking lots.

To ensure the highest level of safety, OSHA requires these vests on worksites where traffic flow is between 25mph and 50mph. The vests must have no less than 775 square inches of safety yellow or safety orange background material and a minimum of 1.38 in (35mm) width for Retroreflective Materials or 1 in (25mm) width for Retroreflective Materials for split trim design.

The A-SAFETY Class 1 Vest is the best working safety vest with reflective stripes that you can get. With 100% polyester construction, this durable yet lightweight vest has neon colors for maximum visibility.

The lightweight yet strong construction of the A-SAFETY Class 1 Vest allows for easy storage and portability. This vest is perfect for those in low-light conditions who want to stay safe and visible.

Crafted with 100% polyester, this vest is designed to be long-lasting and durable while being lightweight and machine-washable too. The fabric incorporates high-vis reflective tape for added visibility even in dark and poor lighting conditions.

Additionally, two large expandable pockets are located at the bottom of the vest. And it is designed with four 2-inch-wide high reflective strips outlined by fluorescent color strips for enhanced visibility. Perfect for municipal workers, contractors, crossing guard, traffic and parking attendants, survey crews, and volunteers

The SV55 Radians Class 2 best unisex-adult vest, is a great choice for those looking for the ultimate in professional field engineering and construction wear. It is constructed with heavy-duty Poly front fabric and reinforced edge binding, ensuring its durability and long-term use.

It is one of the best choices for anyone working on a construction site or performing field engineering work. With its superior features and design, this vest will surely make you feel safe, secure, and visible.

Its combination of durability, comfort, and visibility makes it a must-have for any professional in the field. With the SV55 safety vest, you can expect superior performance and safety without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

The vest is equipped with ten multi-use pockets and features such as reflective strips, black trim strips, two mic/radio tabs, two grommets, and a heavy-duty zipper safety closure with a durable black pull tab.

This vest is perfect for those needing safety but wanting a premium product and style, and it can be used for a variety of activities such as construction, surveying, engineering, police work, crossing guard, security, walking, running, and more.

This vest offers a combination of safety and comfort, and with ten pockets, you can easily store and organize all your essential items, keeping them secure and within reach. Get the ultimate protection and style today and feel secure in any environment

Our first manual inflatable vest has been developed in response to the growing demands of surfers seeking to increase personal safety in big wave, high-risk surfing environments. Featuring several improvements on existing inflatable vest technology, pre-production models of the vest have already helped save the lives of more than one big wave surfer, while at its February 2016 debut at the Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau invitational at Waimea Bay, Hawaii, the QUIKSILVER X AQUA LUNG inflatable vest ushered in a new benchmark in water safety at the iconic big wave surfing competition. Other world-class big wave spots where the vest has been successfully tested include: Todos Santos (Mexico), Mavericks (California), Peahi/Jaws (Hawaii), Makaha (Hawaii), Nazare (Portugal), Belharra (France), Cow Bombie (Western Australia), Tavarua (Fiji) and Teahupoo (Tahiti).

USA, Australia and non-European Union Territories: This vest is NOT a lifejacket or personal flotation device (PFD) approved or sanctioned by the U.S. Coast Guard or Transport Canada. It does NOT comply with Australian Standard AS 475:2015 for lifejackets or with other regulatory agency official requirement for flotation devices.

European Union: This vest is a personal flotation device compliant with standard EN ISO 12402-5:2006 + A1:2010 for Buoyancy Aids (level 50), as confirmed through testing and inspection by CRITT Sports Loisirs, 21 rue Albert Einstein, 86100 CHATELLERAULT, France. Notified Body N0501. This vest becomes a buoyancy aid ONLY after full inflation.

At this time the vests are not FAA approved for use on airplanes. The XS (22-40 pound) size vest may be FAA approved soon. At which time an Aircraft Attachment Strap accessory will be released to go through the guide on the vest and wrap the airline seat to provide upper body support.

RideSafer vests are legal to use in all countries that recognize US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. They also hold compliance certification under China Compulsory Certification , Korean KCL and are permitted in Canada as CMVSS 213.3 custom restraints.

Restraints certified in the U.S. are usually not certified in other countries and visa versa as there are slightly different standards every where. Typically when traveling parents are allowed to bring in their usual child restraint. In our combined 25+ years as car seat technicians, we have not heard of anyone being ticketed for using a car seat from a different country while they were traveling.

Children with special needs also have physical challenges which need to be worked around, such as sensory issues. Many parents say the RideSafer vest, made of soft fabric and padding, is like a hug or the weighted vest some of these children use.

Many parents of children with special needs have found the RideSafer to be the perfect solution for their family. As you know there are many different types of needs and ranges within each one. We offer a 15-day free return policy if you want to try out a vest with your child and see if it will work for your needs.

Safety vests are necessary to keep yourself safe and visible when working in an industrial or construction environment, especially along roads and handling heavy machinery. The visibility alerts other people while in danger and prevents potential injuries.

The main purpose of safety vests is to alert people in a low-visibility area. The right safety vests should be worn for particular work and time. For instance, fluorescent yellow safety vests should be used during the daytime when cycling and other activities. On the other hand, the fluorescent orange color safety vests are used for construction and other such activities during the night.

The different color safety vests are designed for different purposes and duration. The fluorescent green-yellow and fluorescent orange safety vests are worn for more visibility and to prevent certain injuries while working.

Construction safety vests are mostly fluorescent colors and reflective materials to make the workers seen easily in all conditions. They also distinguish workers from commoners, and in some cases, they will help identify what company they work for.

High visibility safety vests are protective garments made of retro-reflective materials and bright fluorescent colors like yellow and orange. These safety vests are intended to provide visibility of workers in low visibility, construction areas, or in the dark area where vehicles operate in.

Customize the OccuNomix Class 2 Surveyor Safety Vest with your company logo screen printed directly onto the vest! The OccuNomix Class 2 Surveyor Vest is a classic, two-tone vest that contains 2" wide silver reflective tape backed by contrasting ANSI compliant trim. There are large arm openings for use over outerwear. This vest contains two inner lower pockets, 2 outer lower flapped pockets, 4 pen pockets, and 1 divided pocket. 041b061a72


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