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The Neighbors: A Comic Strip By John Persons

The Neighbors: A Comic Strip by John Persons

If you are looking for a comic strip that will make you laugh out loud, then you should check out The Neighbors by John Persons. This comic strip features the hilarious adventures of John and his wife Mary, who live in a suburban neighborhood with their two kids, dog and cat. The comic strip also showcases the quirky personalities of their neighbors, who often get involved in their lives in unexpected ways.

The Neighbors: A Comic Strip by John Persons

The Neighbors is a comic strip that has been running since 1999, and has gained a loyal fan base over the years. The comic strip is published online on John Persons website, where you can also find his other works, such as Side Glances, The President and Cathys Back. You can also follow John Persons on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where he posts updates, previews and behind-the-scenes of his comic strips.

One of the reasons why The Neighbors is so popular is because it is relatable and realistic. The comic strip depicts the everyday situations that many people face in their lives, such as family issues, work problems, relationship troubles and social dilemmas. The comic strip also tackles some topical and controversial topics, such as politics, religion, race and sexuality, but in a humorous and respectful way. The comic strip does not shy away from showing the flaws and mistakes of the characters, but also their strengths and virtues.

Another reason why The Neighbors is so enjoyable is because it is funny and witty. The comic strip uses various types of humor, such as sarcasm, irony, exaggeration and wordplay, to create hilarious scenarios and dialogues. The comic strip also makes use of visual humor, such as facial expressions, body language and background details, to enhance the comedy effect. The comic strip often surprises the readers with unexpected twists and turns, as well as clever references and parodies of popular culture.

If you are looking for a comic strip that will brighten up your day, then you should definitely read The Neighbors by John Persons. This comic strip will make you laugh, think and feel with its relatable characters, realistic situations and funny jokes. You can read The Neighbors online on John Persons website or follow him on social media to get the latest updates on his comic strips.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the main characters of The Neighbors by John Persons. We will also explore some of the themes and messages that the comic strip conveys through its humor and satire.

Meet the Characters of The Neighbors

The comic strip revolves around the lives of John and Mary, a married couple who live in a suburban neighborhood with their two kids, dog and cat. John is a freelance writer who works from home, while Mary is a nurse who works at a local hospital. They are both loving and supportive parents, but they also have their own quirks and flaws. John is often cynical and sarcastic, while Mary is often optimistic and cheerful. They sometimes disagree on various issues, such as parenting, finances and household chores, but they always manage to resolve their conflicts with humor and compromise.

Their kids are Tommy and Lisa, who are both in high school. Tommy is a smart and nerdy boy who loves science and technology, while Lisa is a rebellious and artistic girl who loves music and fashion. They often bicker and tease each other, but they also care for each other deeply. They sometimes get into trouble with their parents, teachers and peers, but they also learn valuable lessons from their experiences.

Their dog is Rover, a loyal and friendly golden retriever who loves to play and cuddle with his family. He often gets into mischief with his cat friend Fluffy, who belongs to their neighbors. Fluffy is a sassy and cunning black cat who likes to cause trouble and annoy Rover. They have a love-hate relationship, but they also help each other out when needed.

Their neighbors are an eclectic bunch of people who have different personalities, backgrounds and lifestyles. Some of them are friendly and helpful, while others are rude and nosy. Some of them are close friends with John and Mary, while others are rivals or enemies. Some of them are:

  • Bob and Sue, a middle-aged couple who live next door to John and Mary. Bob is a successful lawyer who is arrogant and competitive, while Sue is a bored housewife who is obsessed with gossip and shopping. They often try to show off their wealth and status to John and Mary, but they also secretly envy their happiness and simplicity.

  • Frank and Nancy, an elderly couple who live across the street from John and Mary. Frank is a retired military officer who is strict and conservative, while Nancy is a retired teacher who is kind and liberal. They often argue about politics, religion and social issues, but they also love each other dearly.

  • Miguel and Rosa, a young couple who live next to Frank and Nancy. Miguel is an immigrant from Mexico who works as a gardener, while Rosa is an immigrant from Colombia who works as a maid. They are hardworking and humble people who try to make a better life for themselves in America. They often face discrimination and prejudice from some of their neighbors, but they also receive support and friendship from others.

  • Sam and Kelly, a gay couple who live next to Bob and Sue. Sam is a doctor who works at the same hospital as Mary, while Kelly is a chef who owns a restaurant. They are friendly and outgoing people who enjoy hosting parties and socializing with their neighbors. They often face homophobia and bigotry from some of their neighbors, but they also receive acceptance and respect from others.

Explore the Themes and Messages of The Neighbors

The comic strip The Neighbors by John Persons uses humor and satire to explore various themes and messages that are relevant to modern society. Some of them are:

  • Diversity: The comic strip shows the diversity of people who live in America, in terms of race, ethnicity, culture, religion, sexuality, age, occupation and lifestyle. The comic strip celebrates the differences among people, but also highlights the commonalities that unite them as human beings.

  • Tolerance: The comic strip shows the challenges that people face when they encounter people who are different from them or have different opinions from them. The comic strip encourages people to be tolerant of others views and choices, as long as they do not harm or infringe on others rights.

Respect: The comic strip shows the importance of respecting others dignity and privacy, as 04f6b60f66


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