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[BEST] Download Matlab 2017b For Mac Google Drive

(Optional) Choose whether to delete download archive files. If your MATLAB installation folder contains the archive files for downloaded products, the uninstaller displays a message asking if you want to delete these archive files. The installer stores these archive files in the matlabroot\archives folder of your installation. To remove these files, click Yes.

Download Matlab 2017b For Mac Google Drive

July 18, 2022 : 2022-new New standalone licenses for 2022-2023If you received your standalone matlab license from us (systems group)last year, you may now download your renewed 2022 standalone matlab license from our systems page below. It is good for matlab version 9.12 or below.Follow the licensing section to use your downloaded license.lic. Standalone licenses for 2022-2023******************************************LICENSING******************************************Go to the above URL and click on the link for your computer. Then do aright-click on the license file link and select "Download" or "Save link as" to download the file and not display it in the browser. Make sure your license file is named license.lic with no extra extensions. This must be a plain-text file (not Word or other word processing file).MOVE ANY and ALL existing files in /licenses/ to a subfoldernamed SAVE (for save keeping) and place this new license.lic inthe /licenses/ folder. Email us if you don't know how to openthe folder.This license file will work for any matlab from 7.0 forward to the present version. It should just work. If you are requested to "Activate", if possible just close the request window and ignore. Otherwise, do activate without internet and give the path to your license file.******************************************TROUBLESHOOTING LICENSING******************************************Here are some typical reasons why your license may not work.If none of the tips help, please email

April 18, 2021 : processesFinding running processes of a particular typeIf you need to find processes running on your computer of a certain type,here are couple of functions that will make this easy and quick to do.Depending on your shell, paste the two appropriate lines below to its initialization file. Then launch a new terminal or source that file.# for bash - add them to your .bash_profile or .bashrc# for zsh - add them to your .zshrc# process userpu () egrep "$1pui () %MEM"; # for tcsh - add them to your .tcshrc/.cshrc# process useralias pu 'ps auxw egrep "\!^%MEM" grep -v " \!^%MEM"'alias pui "ps auxw egrep -i '\!^%MEM' grep -v ' \!^%MEM'"The pui is simply the case-insensitive version. Modify the aboveto suit your needs or tastes - they are just slightly enhanced versionsof ps auxw grep name-of-something.Usage Examples: - To find all processes related to matlab, do pu matl or pu matlab or pui matlab - To find all the python process, do pu python or pui python - To find all processes related to google, do pui goog - To find all processes related to Google Chrome, do pui "google chrome" - It is interesting to see how many Adobe related processes are running even when you are not using any of Adobe apps. You may be surprised. For this, do pu Adobe or pui adobe If any of the above processes are wedged and you wish to kill them, get thePIDs from the relevant processes found and then use the kill command toterminate them. The syntax is for example kill pid1 pid2 pid3

April 10, 2021 : googledrive Google Drive File Stream is now Google Drive for desktop Starting with version 45, Google Drive File Stream has been renamed toGoogle Drive desktop. This is a prelude to Google Backup and Sync merginginto Google Drive desktop later in 2021.Google Drive for desktop release notesGoogle Backup and SyncUnified GFS and Backup and SyncUpcoming changes to Google Drive sync clients

December 10, 2020 : upgrademacosHow to install/upgrade macOS**************************UPGRADE**************************Here are instructions from Apple on how to install/upgrade macOS to El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina and Big Sur.Upgrading to Big SurUpgrading to older macOSThe installer applications may be downloaded directly from the following Apple sites.macOS Catalina 10.15.xmacOS Mojave 10.14.xmacOS High Sierra 10.13.xmacOS Sierra 10.12.xMac OS X El Capitan 10.11.xMac OS X Yosemite 10.10.x**************************INSTALL**************************Create an install boot partition on a usb drive of the macOS of your choice followingthe instructions below and using one of the above install applications.Boot from that usb drive by holding down the option key as the system startsto boot. Then choose the boot volume you want. When this has booted up, if you click on install it will do an upgradeif you have macOS installed already. Otherwise it will just do an install. If you want to do a clean install, then simply use Disk Utility towipe the disk and then proceed to install.Note:======If your installer throws an error saying it is damaged, see possible solutionsbelow. The first one will typically work.

November 15, 2020 : bootablemac Making bootable install images / volumes for Macs There are times a bootable image or volume would be helpful.Here are some instructions to make such bootable volumes say on aportable usb drive. You will need a spare volume (partition) andthe OS Install app. The spare volume will be wiped by this process.In each case, you need to download a copy of the Install macOS app that isappropriate for the macOS you are interested in. Do the following in Terminal as root (e.g. you may do sudo bash). - Go to the folder containing the downloaded install app. Then - cd "Install", where you replace the name Install with the name of the your macOS installation app.For Mojave or above, do ./createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/name-of-boot-volumeFor High Sierra or below, do ./createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/name-of-boot-volume --applicationpath "/path to/Install macOS app"For El Capitan or below, see legacy bootable install imagesExamples=========Mojave/Applications/Install\ macOS\ --volume /Volumes/Mojave Sierra/Applications/Install\ macOS\ --volume /Volumes/Sierra --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Sierra.appNotes====== - If your boot volume throws an error saying it is damaged, then see abovenotes. I believe solution #1 is most likely to work i.e. move the filemacos elsewhere andrun the install macos again. - The late 12/2020 Sierra installer has a very strange bug where createinstallmedia throws an error saying the target volume " not a valid volume mount point". The fix is to modify the Info.plistso that the CFBundleShortVersionString key has value 12.6.03 ratherthan 12.6.06.

May 10, 2020 : searchdomains Set search domains from the command line macOSHere is a typical usage. networksetup -setsearchdomains Ethernet nyu.eduTo see the result, do networksetup -getsearchdomains EthernetThe above applies to your ethernet networking and if you have multiple ethernet nodes, the syntax is a bit different.If you want the above to apply to your wireless networking, then replaceEthernet with Wi-Fi. April 10, 2020 : caseDiffering in caseTo list all files and folders in /path/to/foodir whose paths differ only in case, you can use the following command. find /path/to/foodir sort -f uniq -i -DFor example, for the current working folder, you would do find . sort -f uniq -i -D January 10, 2020 : adobeSigning in for Adobe CC appsWhen you launch an Adobe app and you are not signed in, it will give youan adobe sign-in panel, use for email address, which willthen give you the usual NYU sign-in page. Note that once your are signed in to Adobe, it is good for all Adobe CC appson that machine.To sign out from an Adobe app, do Adobe app > Help > Sign out.**** 2019 **** June 10, 2019 Matlab 9.6 for all platforms [macOS, Linux, Windows]Matlab 9.6 is executable from our /share area. But this is so large, you should only run this from your local disk and not a network volume.If you need this installed on a desktop machine here, please email systems@cns.nyu.eduTo install it on your own machine, follow the simple instructions at February 10, 2019 : sshfs sshfs for all platforms [macOS, Linux, Windows]You can use sshfs to mount remote directories for which you have ssh access to. Such mounts will appear natively within your file manager. Thisis available on all platforms (macOS, Linux and Windows). Here are the simpleinstall instructions: install the FUSE and sshfs packages for your platform.******************macOS******************From, download and install the FUSE and sshfspackages. The sshfs binary is installed in /usr/local/bin.******************Linux******************Ubuntu: sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade sudo apt-get install sshfsCentos: sudo yum install fuse-sshfs******************Windows******************Install the FUSE (WinFsp) and sshfs (sshfs-win) packages. The first link has the latest stable release for sshfs and WinFsp. Install both packages.The first link also has basic instructions for using sshfs on Windows. Scroll down to download the stable release of sshfs-win and WinFsp. Latest stable release of WinFsp February 5, 2019 Instructions on how to use sshfs [macOS Linux] How to mount remote folders with sshfs under Linux as well as macOS[Windows] How to mount remote folders with sshfs under Windows February 3, 2019 Recommended sshfs mount options The unadorned syntax is just sshfs what-to-mount where-to-mount-itHere is more concrete example. mkdir /mnt/user@rhost sshfs user@rhost:/path/to/data /mnt/user@rhostFor better performance, the recommended sshfs mount options are as follows.sshfs -o cache=yes -o kernel_cache -o compression=no -o Cipher=arcfour \-o volname=mymount user@remotehost:/path/to/dir /mnt/mymountSee this article on Sharing data using sshfsComparing sshfs and NFS:The results were quite interesting. With a little tuning, SSHFS performance was pretty close to NFS performance for sequential write and re-write, even when default encryption (aes-128) was used. When compression was turned on, sequential read and re-read performance was actually better than NFS and better than wire speed. Random write IOPS performance was always very good, either coming close to NFS performance or achieving 50% better performance. However, random read IOPS performance was never better than 60% of NFS performance.Comparing NFS and SMB:NFS offers a better performance and is unbeatable if the files are medium sized or small. If the files are large enough the timings of both methods get closer to each other. Click here to see more details.Performance differences between NFS and SMB January 30, 2019 : myip What is my public IPv4 To get your public IP address, do one of the following. - In Terminal, paste curl ; echo - In your browser search text field, enter what is my ipv4 January 20, 2019 Changes to NYU VPN: full VPN supported and MFA requiredNote that NYU VPN now offers full and split VPN as the choice betweenAll Traffic and NYU-NET Traffic Only. The All Traffic means all your networktraffic is routed through NYU VPN as opposed to only NYU-NET traffic isgoing through NYU VPN. As a general rule, if you need to access restricted journals, use the All Traffic group, otherwise use the NYU-NET Traffic Only group.Do NOT use It will no longer work!Secondly, NYU VPN now requires MFA. In the Cisco GUI, the first passwordfield is for your netid password and in the second password field you normallyenter push to request a Duo push to your default mobile device. However, if you have multiple MFA devices, then you need to enter pushN where N is the N-th MFA device you had registered for MFA. But if you have numerousMFA devices, then it may be difficult to figure out the number N, in whichcase it may be easier to simply enter the passcode given by the Duo app on themobile device you have at hand.-- NYU VPN Page January 7, 2019 Apple locked files macOS has the ability to set some flag values to make a file immutableno matter what your privileges are. To see the flag values, do ls -lOTo unlock all files in folder foodir, do chflags -R nouchg foodir


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