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Ryan Baker
Ryan Baker

Bullseye Software Cronus

the cronus is also slightly more sophisticated than the ps3 eyetoy cameras in that it has a 100-shot buffer and manual focus. the cronus has a range of iso settings from 1 to 3200 and has a 3.5 mm microphone jack. the cronus has the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the microphone. when shooting still photos, the cronus can be set to take a photo every minute and an alarm goes off when the shutter button is pressed. this is a useful feature if you want to shoot a still photo every time your gun fires.

Bullseye software cronus

the cronus can also be set to take a photo every time the trigger button is pressed which is useful if you want to keep track of your ammo usage. the cronus comes with a tripod, a set of four light diffusers, a wrist strap and a cloth bag.

the cronus can shoot up to 99 shots per string. the cronus also has the ability to set the white balance manually. it also has the ability to record audio. the cronus will automatically record when the shutter button is pressed.

i found it to be great with the playstation 3 controller for the xbox 360. the mapper software was very easy to use and there were no issues at all. the remote control works great and if you want you can record the shots in the mapper software. the chronograph is smooth and i didn't have any issues. definitely would recommend this product to anyone who wants to step up to the next level. well worth the price of this product.

the cronus is a great device. easy to use with the remote control. the only problem i had was during the setup. the wired connection to the cronus can be a problem. i have to pull the controller out of the ps3 every time i take the cronus out of the box. i had to move the entire unit to the back of the ps3 to connect the cable from the controller to the unit.


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